Safeguarding – keeping the children in our care safe at all times. Compass Education and its staff are committed to the principles of Safeguarding and Keeping Children Safe in Education. All of our staff and our chosen partners support us in this aspiration.


Most schools and Colleges in UK require their international students to have a nominated Guardian for their time in the UK. Our Guardians acts as a responsible adult, looking after the welfare of the student when they are not in School. The level of support and provision needed varies for each school and at Compass Education we offer a range of packages to suit these needs. By having a Compass Guardian, students are kept safe when not in school.


Students needs will vary from time to time, but many schools will only accept responsibility for their students from the time they arrive at the school. Travel to and from school is normally the responsibility of the parents or guardian. In addition, there can be several school holiday closures and for boarding students accommodation needs to be arranged for these times. This would normally be arranged by the Guardian.  With Compass, families can have support for arrangements from home in addition to our Guardianship packages.  These additional services are available through our Chinese office.  Please contact us with your specific needs.
Other circumstances where the Guardian may be required is in circumstances where a student is sent away from the school. This is likely to be when there is a medical concern or a disciplinary issue.