For students studying in our UK day schools a suitable host family will be provided. Compass Guardianship places students with carefully selected UK host families and supports a communication link between the host family and the student's family at home. Compass are highly selective and rigorous in our procedures when recruiting host families. Our students profile is then matched to the most suited family to ensure a great experience for everyone. These homes are in close proximity to the school order to provide a real sense of living in the local community. Living with a local host family is a great way to improve the command of English, increase self confidence and immerse the students in UK culture. Students live as part of the family contributing to the daily life and routines of the home. As a result of a Home Stay, great friendships often survive long after the student has been with the family. Our boarding school students also need Host Families for their termly breaks. Many boarding schools also have Exeat weekends when the students require accommodation away from school for the weekend. At Compass we organise all of this in close cooperation with the family and school. We are always looking for good quality accommodation for our students and are happy to hear from you if you are considering being a Host. Please contact us for more information.